In February 2019, a group of Bavarian art teachers started to develop a manual for teachers on intercultural learning in art classes:  Global Perspectives in Art Education - Objects from West Africa. A manual for Art Teachers in Germany. The project was coordinated by the State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research in Munich. The manual was completed in August 2022. It can be downloaded from this website in German.



This team was strongly supported by colleagues from the University of Education Winneba in Ghana: Ebenezer Kwabena Acquah, Patrique deGraft-Yankson, Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel, Gertrude Nkrumah, Selasi Awusi Sosu and Mahnoud Malik Saako (Ghana National Museum, Accra). The result would not have been possible without this co-operation.


Exemplary explorations of items can be found in EVC's database of objects, based on this preliminary work:

More results will be published soon.