As part of the visit of Avi Sooful, Chair of the EVC Expert Panel, and the German textbook team, a seminar was held in Winneba. The topic "Sustainable Development Goals and the Power of Images" was addressed by the speakers from a wide range of perspectives and intensively discussed with the numerous audience members. Many lecturers, researchers und students from Winneba took part in the seminar, organized by Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel, Centre for Research in Culture and Creative Arts (CeRCCA), Winneba.

  Seminar 0

 Link to the video documentation

Prof. Emmanuel O. Acquah, Dean, SCA: Welcome Address


  • Developing competencies through art-related projects – Dr Ebenezer Acquah (Download Ebenezer Acquah's presentation: Link)

  • Thinking beyond Images - Dr Avi Sooful (Download Avi Sooful's presentation: Link)

  • Promoting intercultural competence as part of Education for Sustainable Development using images - Dr Gabriele Schrüfer (Download Gabriele Schrüfer's presentation: Link)

  • Representations of ‘nature’ in European imageries – how to deal with misleading concepts - Dr Ernst Wagner (Download Ernst Wagner's presentation: Link)

  • Selecting Powerful Images to Convey Sustainable Thinking in the Context of Art Education: Approaches from a German Perspective - Dr Christian Römmelt (Download Christian Römmelt's presentation: Link)

  • Quality education: plain and tactile - Philipp Schramm: Link

  •  Q & A




 Seminar 2


  • Knowing and loving your other neighbours (as thyself) - Prof. P. deGraft-Yankson (Download Patrique deGraft-Yankson's presentation: Link)

  • Religious Tolerance and Sustainable Development: The use of conceptual Photography - Dr Joseph Essuman (Download Joseph Essuman's presentation: Link)

  • Exhibiting Culture, Teaching History Across Time and Space: Lessons for the Present - Getrude Nkrumah (Download Gertrude Nkrumah's presentation: Link)

  • Dealing with Cultural Plagiarism and Appropriation in Multicultural Textbook for Art Education - Prof Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Download Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel's presentation: Link)

  • The poiema of glass: Tapestries in national development – Selasie Sosu

  • Unity and Diversity: The Current Exhibition at the National Museum of Ghana - Mahmoud Malik Saako

  • Q & A

Seminar 3