2023 03 Seminar Winneba 2


09:00 Welcome Address - Prof. Emmanuel O. Acquah, Dean, SCA

09:10 Developing competencies through art-related projects – Dr Ebenezer Acquah (Download Dr Acquah's presentation: Link)

09:25 Thinking beyond Images - Dr Avi Sooful

09:40 Promoting intercultural competence as part of Education for Sustainable Development using images - Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer

09:55 Representations of ‘nature’ in European imageries – how to deal with misleading concepts - Dr. Ernst Wagner (Download Dr Wagner's presentation: Link)

10:10 Selecting Powerful Images to Convey Sustainable Thinking in the Context of Art Education: Approaches from a German Perspective - Dr Christian Römmelt (Download Dr Römmelt's presentation: Link)

10:25 Quality education - plain and tactile - Philipp Schramm

10:40 Q & A



01:20 Knowing and loving your other neighbours (as thyself) - Prof. P. deGraft-Yankson (Download Prof. P. deGraft-Yankson's presentation: Link)

01:35 Religious Tolerance and Sustainable Development: The use of conceptual Photography - Dr Joseph Essuman

01:50 Exhibiting Culture, Teaching History Across Time and Space: Lessons for the Present - Getrude Nkrumah

02:05 Dealing with Cultural Plagiarism and Appropriation in Multicultural Textbook for Art Education - Prof Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel

02:20 The poiema of glass: Tapestries in national development – Selasie Sosu

02:35 Unity and Diversity: The Current Exhibition at the National Museum of Ghana - Mahmoud Malik Saako

02:50 Q & A